Arctic Trailer

35,96 incl. vat

Chilling sound effects made from sounds recorded in Lapland during two cold and snowy winters. Using snow, ice, freezing wind and other elements as tools, these sound effects have been designed for trailers, action scenes, games and for anything that needs a sonic boost.

Included are:
Booms/Impacts/Hits • Whooshes • Risers • Drones • Reverses • Stingers

Tracks: 111
Total number of individual sounds: 111
Bitrate: 24 Bit
Samplerate: 96 kHz
Total library size: 1.11 GB
Metadata included: Yes
Total duration: 34 minutes

Sennheiser MKH 8040, MixPre-6 II and Sony PCM-D100

Metadata/Sound list: Arctic Trailer Metadata

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