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Snowball impacts on many different surfaces! Including also making snowballs with leather gloves and wool mittens. Recorded in quiet Lapland, Finland. This sound library is part of my larger collection: “Snow Impacts: Snowballs, Snowflakes and Snow Falling”, found here:

Surfaces include:
ground (snow crust) • hard snow • tree trunk • firewood • winter jackets • plank • towel • iron shovel • coverall

Snow types include:
soft • hard • frost • slush

Tracks: 26
Total number of individual sounds: 200+
Bitrate: 24 Bit
Samplerate: 96 kHz
Total library size: 124 MB
Metadata included: Yes

Sennheiser MKH 8040, MixPre-6 II and Sony PCM-D100

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