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The largest reindeer sound library in the world! Over 53 minutes of reindeer in three locations. Two of these locations are in the quiet wilderness and one is an enclosure. Footsteps, walking, running, scuffs, grunts, burps, sniffs, snorts, other mouth sounds, antlers, urinating, attacking, eating, digging, bells, clicking hooves, collar rattle and much more!



This is it, the most massive reindeer sound library in the world! Recorded in Lapland, Finland, in winter 2020, we have here over 53 minutes of reindeer in three different, mostly quiet locations.

The first location is a snowy trail in the woods. I was snowshoeing and the reindeer were walking in a distance. Clicking hooves are the deal in these recordings!

The second location is a place in the middle of the woods where the reindeer are sleeping, eating and doing reindeer stuff. No people in sight, no barriers. Just me and THOUSANDS OF REINDEER, and they took me in as their leader, so I got every imaginable and as well unimaginable sound as they were not afraid. I mean, reindeer attacking with antlers? Reindeer urinating? Grunts, burps, sniffs and snorts? Eating and digging? Scratching antlers to a branch? Clicking hooves? What about bells? Footsteps, walking, running and scuffs? Yeah, we got ’em!

The third location is a reindeer enclosure. Here I got the most isolated sounds. This location also includes a feeding shed, where I recorded reindeer eating and digging!

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Below are two videos from the second location. In the first one you can hear the actual sounds that are in the sound library. In the second video the sound is from a GoPro.

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